EcoServ FM and SmartTask

Ecoserv FM Group uses SmartTask to enhance transparency, service delivery, meet HR compliance and achieve net-zero goals

With a passion for service excellence Ecoserv prioritises customer retention using technology to deliver its services and has recently invested in SmartTask’s software – Time and Attendance, scheduling and mobile app - to manage its workforce and achieve its net-zero goals

SmartTask Benefits at a Glance

  • Provides accurate information to the Customer, Employee and Management
  • Enables a more responsive service to customers
  • Maintains HR compliance on customer sites
  • Supports net-zero goals with operational efficiencies
  • Ensures services are managed profitably

Ecoserv is a leading provider of sustainable cleaning, working in partnership with customers nationwide to create green solutions that achieve meaningful change and minimise the eco impact of the built environment. As a result, they are committed to responsible service delivery with the aim of creating safe and high-performing workspaces. By using SmartTask they can achieve this and deliver on their goals of improving productivity and efficiency whilst using technology to communicate and manage operatives in a sustainable way.

Ecoserv possesses more than 30 years of experience developing and implementing bespoke cleaning solutions across a diverse mix of industry sectors. The company handles contracts of all sizes on behalf of 800 customers, with a team of 2,000 cleaning professionals servicing over 33 million sq. ft of office, educational, retail, healthcare, and industrial space.

Sustainability goals drive business forward

One of the key drivers when looking for workforce management software was efficiency and enhancing service delivery with clear actionable data. Alongside their passion for service excellence and technological innovation, sustainability is at the heart of the company so choosing SmartTask, a Certified Carbon Neutral Business with proven policies to reduce its carbon emissions, was a natural fit.

Using SmartTask’s workforce management software to support its operations enables Ecoserv to deliver cost-efficient, customer focused services.

  • Ensures services are managed profitably

Using the SmartTask mobile app, operatives clock on and off against predefined schedules which ensures accurate timekeeping and Proof of Attendance. Schedules are sent to operatives directly so that they can see when and where they need to be. The recorded hours from SmartTask will automatically feed into payroll, ensuring accurate pay, reduced admin with an objective of zero queries.

Workforce Management will also support Ecoserv’s drive to continuously enhance transparency for the customer, ensuring delivery against SLAs and thereby achieving customer satisfaction all whilst monitoring service delivery costs against customer contracts to ensure profitable shifts and a financially sustainable future.

  • Enables a more responsive service to customers – filling the gaps

Should any on site issue arise, with SmartTask, the Operation Support team knows exactly where operatives are and when they are expected on site. If one of the cleaning team is off sick, or on annual leave, then the managers can efficiently offer the shift to colleagues via a broadcast message from the SmartTask app to which they can accept or decline. Those cover schedules that are accepted are added to their timesheet and specific details for the site and the job can be sent directly to their mobile.

The standard schedules are sent directly to cleaning operatives, ensuring that the agreed contracted service is delivered to the customer.

  • Maintains compliance at customer sites

With accurate records of which cleaners are where on a customer’s site, SmartTask can support Ecoserv’s compliance with the latest working hours and lone worker safety directives. Activity reports can be provided back to customers of the service delivered, which also ensures accurate invoices.

SmartTask also caters for Health & Safety information to be broadcast.

  • Supports net-zero goals with operational efficiencies

Ecoserv’s 100% paperless goal to reduce waste and investment in efficient technology to reduce its digital footprint means that working with SmartTask as a hosted provider helps the company achieve its net-zero goals by reducing a physical server on site.

“Our ethos is to achieve service delivery excellence on every site starting with ensuring cleaners’ wellbeing to managers having the right tools to deliver efficiencies and innovation to their customers. With SmartTask we have the right technology partner to deliver tangible excellence and innovation through operational and cost efficiencies as well as customer satisfaction and retention.”

“It’s not just about the application or software when selecting a Business Support Partner. Crucial to the decision was the strength and dedication of the Leadership, Management and Team at SmartTask. My requirement was to ensure that the relationship is one that is collaborative, sustainable, and progressive, with goals and objectives that are aligned. SmartTask is our partner of choice as we aim to be an innovative and sustainable business and is supportive of our net-zero goals.”

 Praneel Matai, Group Director: IT and Innovation, Ecoserv FM Group

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