Harness your occasional workers with inclusive communications

Harness your occasional workers with inclusive communications

Paul Ridden, our CEO, explains how integrating WhatsApp into your workforce management and scheduling software will increase inclusivity for employees and contractors, while helping your business to respond to changing situations more dynamically.

We’ve all been there – an outbreak of flu (or COVID) and suddenly you’re left with a shift to fill, or, a late request from a customer for an extra deep-clean that needs additional staff.  What do you do? Hit the phones, desperately trying to find someone who is available to fill the gap, who also has the correct certifications and training.  Where do you start on the list? How do you make it fair, so that everyone gets an equal opportunity? 

Boosting employee engagement

If you are using workforce management and scheduling software that enables you to send a message in the app you may get a few takers – if they have the app switched on.  However, many people simply switch their work apps off when not at work, so won’t see a request until it is too late. This is particularly pertinent for occasional, seasonal or contract workers.

A key consideration when scheduling one-off jobs, trying to plug gaps or dealing with no-shows is how to reach those occasional workers. You need to consider other ways to engage, including using consumer comms apps.

WhatsApp – only half the answer

WhatsApp has become the ubiquitous communications app – nearly everyone uses it. So, messaging a WhatsApp group of all your employees and contractors, asking if they would like to work an extra shift, for example, sounds like the ideal solution.  However, it’s only half the answer.

What do you do with the replies? Managing the responses becomes almost as tricky and time consuming as the old method of phoning people individually. You need to add each response manually to the scheduling software, and check their credentials against the requirements for the job.

WhatsApp integration – now we’re talking

When WhatsApp is integrated with your workforce management software it means that you can broadcast details of upcoming shift requirements directly from the app and send it to a WhatsApp list.  People are more likely to see the message in WhatsApp and with a product like SmartTask they can reply with a simple Yes/No answer. The responses are loaded into the rostering software so that everyone who said Yes, and have the correct qualifications, can now be scheduled for the shift within the software.

What’s more, this type of integration with WhatsApp means that other messages can be broadcast to groups, for example, last minute instructions, or changes to plans.

Harnessing your full workforce – fairly

Using WhatsApp integration in this way has been a game changer for SmartTask customers who are now able to provide work opportunities for a far greater range of workers. At the same time, work is offered fairly, and admin time taken to manage the process is dramatically reduced.

Pay-as-you-Go - Reducing costs of managing Occasional Workers

Another recent trend is to offer a Pay-as-you-Go option for managing occasional workers, whereby the company only pays the employee fee for the shifts that the employee completes. This enables businesses to hold many more occasional workers within the system without having to pay additional costs.

A partnership approach

At SmartTask we use the latest proven technology and have worked closely with our customers and industry partners for many years to ensure our products evolve to meet the changing requirements of the market. WhatsApp integration and PAYG pricing are just some of our recent innovations.

For more information please download our brochure:

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