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SmartTask Onboarding and Screening app

Onboarding & Screening

Costly compliance, audit and risk management issues are a thing of the past. The necessary regulatory and legal employee details can be recorded electronically and very easily accessed by authorised staff. Your screened new starters will be on the job much more quickly.

Designed to ensure that cleaning service providers can easily follow a consistent process to quickly capture the details required to add employees to the system.

SmartTask Onboarding is flexible and allows companies to comply with working history, DBS checks, right to work or GDPR standards and meet contractual expectations of new and existing clients. Safely providing a range of personnel, based on the nature of a location and avoiding the costs and risks associated with failed screening processes.

SmartTask Onboarding captures employee details, ensures they have the relevant history and confirms they have the skills required. It will also ensure that employees are made aware of any health and safety risks, as well as confirming they have signed the appropriate documentation to verify they have been trained to undertake the work.

Our Onboarding solution removes the need to store paper copies of certificates and identification documents, you can now store them electronically alongside the vetting record. It is even possible to use the camera in a smartphone or tablet to capture copies out in the field and create an employee record in the system.


  • BS7858 compliant
  • Removes the need to store paper copies of certificates and identification documents
  • Avoid costs and risks associated with failed screening processes
  • Comply with legal regulations (DBS checks, right to work, GDPR etc.)