How does SmartTask help with mobile patrols, alarm response and keyholding activities

SmartTask is invaluable for efficiently managing mobile patrols, alarm response, and keyholding activities for manned guarding companies. These operations are critical for providing comprehensive security solutions, building client trust, minimizing risks, enhancing operational efficiency, and promoting overall business success. It offers features that optimise planning, execution, and reporting of these crucial security operations.


  • Enhanced Security
  • Rapid Incident Response
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Liability Reduction
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Legal Protection
  • Business Reputation
  • Client Retention
  • Business Growth


  • Scheduled and Responsive: SmartTask enables accurate scheduling of mobile patrol routes, plus a call-out process for alarm response, and keyholding assignments. It ensures guards are assigned to the right locations at the right times.
  • Real-Time Tracking: SmartTask GPS tracking, allowing supervisors to monitor guards' locations during mobile patrols and alarm response activities in real time.
  • Dispatch and Communication: SmartTask facilitates communication between guards, supervisors, and the control room. Guards receive alerts and instructions through the SmartTask Engage app, ensuring timely response to alarms and incidents.
  • Assignment Instructions: SmartTask stores the Assignment Instructions associated with a location. These are displayed to the dispatcher and are securely shared with the guard through the SmartTask Engage app. 
  • Site Safe: SmartTask can be set to require the guard attending an Alarm call-out co confirm they are safe via the SmartTask Engage app. If the guards does not respond within a given time, the control room is notified by an alarm triggering on the dispatch dashboard. 
  • Incident Reporting: Guards can use SmartTask’s Engage app to report incidents, actions taken, and observations during mobile patrols, alarm responses, and keyholding tasks. This information can be captured via an electronic form on their device and submitted in real-time, crucial for documentation and future reference. 
  • Key and Keyholder Management: SmartTask helps manage key related information including seal number, key locations, and keyholders details. Keys are also entered into a traffic light key auditing process, helping to comply with standards and best practice. Keys can be assigned to the guard attending a call out or performing other keyholding duties, and booked back in on their return. 
  • Automated Notifications: SmartTask sends automated notifications to guards for upcoming assignments, ensuring they are well-prepared and informed about their responsibilities. 
  • Checkpoints and Evidence: Guards can scan checkpoints using SmartTask’s Engage App, providing timestamped and geo-located evidence of their presence at specific locations. This documentation can be essential for proving completed patrols or alarm responses. Check pint can also be programmed with questions or links to online resources or an electronic form. 
  • Reporting and Analytics: SmartTask generates comprehensive reports and analytics on mobile patrols, alarm responses, and keyholding activities. These insights inform decision-making and performance assessment. 
  • Payroll and Billing Integration: SmartTask’s Mobile Operations module is fully integrated with our pay and bill features allows for seamless staff pay and customer invoicing. 
Smarttask Performance

Smarttask is in use every day by hundreds of users, and we measure our performance on the volume and value of use.
The figures shown here are based on a typical month in 2022, and will give you an idea of just how reliable, useful and popular Smarttask apps are
Smarttask Scheduling

Smarttask scheduled 3,316,000 hours, logged
466,800 shifts as completed and
920,114 users booked on and off

198,565 Patrols were monitored with
1,888,262 patrol points scanned

432,000 Lone Worker protection calls made and
79,500 Smartforms completed

In the office..
about £31,000,000 in wages calculated and
34,900 employees managed

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