Discover how SmartTask optimizes employee scheduling and increases productivity

Introducing our time manager software - the ultimate solution for team scheduling and work rota management. This user-friendly tool simplifies schedule creation with an 'at a glance' interface, significantly reducing administration time and costs while ensuring optimal coordination of security staff at all times.

Using AI (machine learning), our software eliminates guesswork by automatically suggesting the best-matched employees for each shift. It also takes into account personal preferences of staff members, creating a considerate and efficient workplace.

Configure User permissions and controls to let certain users see relevant data and track any changes. This level of transparency promotes better decision-making, conforms with organizational policies and helps ensure compliance.

Benefits of using our time manager software:

    • Reduce scheduler involvement and dependence on their knowledge of the workforce.
    • Dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of the rostering process.
    • Maximize shift profits by optimizing employee schedules.
    • Have confidence that the most suitable employees have been scheduled, improving overall performance.
    • Expedite the shift confirmation process using our innovative MySmartTask feature.
    • Increase your chances of fulfilling and getting paid for extra cover requests.
    • Boost customer satisfaction by maintaining a well-organized and reliable workforce.


With our time Management software, you can wave goodbye to scheduling headaches and embrace a streamlined, intelligent approach to workforce management. Enhance productivity, reduce costs, and ensure your team operates at its best with our comprehensive and intuitive scheduling solution.

Case Study - CSM Security

Established in 2007 CSM is an ever growing Company specialising in Static manned guarding, Door Supervision, Event security, Key Holding and alarm response as well as a range of mobile security services.
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Case Study - Integrity Security Group

Integrity Security Group has selected SmartTask for the provision of advanced proof of attendance, control room management and staff rostering solution. The employee scheduling and mobile workforce management software will initially be used across 150 officers within the company’s manned guarding team, before being rolled across its wider security services operation.

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Case Study - Öryggismiðstöðin

Öryggismiðstöðin, also known as Security Center, provides a range of security system, mobile and static security, and cash-in-transit services, as well as personal security solutions including VIP protection

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Case Study - Kestral Guards

Kestrel Guards, founded in 1988, provides a high quality and reliable security service including manned guarding, mobile patrols, keyholding and alarm response services from six strategically placed offices in Hampshire, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, the company serves a wide range of private and public sector customers across the South West and South Coast of England.
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Case Study - An Officers Perspective

Integrity Security Group -  While the business benefits of this kind of technology have been widely publicised, Professional Security Officer wanted to get a hands-on view from the frontline to find out how it was helping security professionals in the field.

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