Paying your shift staff on time and the right amount is key to improving engagement and retention. Manage payroll accurately and efficiently with SmartTask’s integrated pay reports.


  • Safeguard contractual commitments by ensuring that only qualified employees are suggested for shifts
  • Accelerate payroll and billing using SmartTask’s integrated reports
  • Easily access attendance records for every employee
  • Increased transparency for both employees and customers
  • Boost morale among staff by reducing employee pay disputes and resolving any disputes that do arise more quickly
  • Payroll and invoice lock down provides a consistent source of data for reconciliation
  • Prevent erroneous and unforeseen holiday pay outs
  • Provisions made to support both fixed and flexible billing options as well as billing for extras
  • Customers have experienced a 90% reduction in pay queries using our Pay module which can automatically arbitrate employee pay.

Case Study - O M Security

Since the adoption of SmartTask, O M Security has gained increased visibility and control over 200 security officers, significantly freeing up management time, reducing operating costs and enhancing service delivery. The cloud-based solution has also enabled OM Security to launch a new 24/7 control room, further expanding its offering to customers.
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