On this page we have copies of various leaftlets which are available for download.

These are in PDF format, and reduced filesize for ease of viewing and downloading.

If you require copies for print, please let us know as we are able to supply high resolution copies for print.


We are also pleased to be able to share some of the Smarttask videos that show how Smarttask is used in the industry.


SmartTask A3 (A4 Folded Leaflet)


SmartTask A3 (Churchill Support Services)


SmartTask A3 (Assist Security Group)

Guardsman Security

SmartTask Guardsman Leaflet

Smarttask Mini Case Studies

Mini Case Studies Leaflet

Smarttask Mini Case Study Kestrel Guards

Mini Case Studies Leaflet


SmartTask Tatry Leaflet

Smarttask Events App

SmartTask Events Leaflet

Smarttask Orion Safeguarding

Mini Case Study Orion Safeguarding


Mobile Patrols

SmartTask's Working Hard Every Month (Part 1)

"For Years Now.."

SmartTask's Working Hard Every Month (Part 2)

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